Balancing business and family life with Xero accounting software

Meg and Scott, owners of Tea Pea – a boutique retailer based in Wellington, New Zealand – manage busy lives as business owners and parents to their three children. Meg is the creative brain behind Tea Pea, spending her days running the retail shop and online store, and sourcing interesting products for her customers. Scott holds now a full time job during the week and takes responsibility for doing the accounts for Tea Pea – a role that is made easy by Xero accounting software. Family time and balancing work with their home life is incredibly important to Meg and Scott, and thats why they use Xero. In the early days of the business, Scott did a free trial, which led to him signing up and never looking back! “My father had a retail store, and when we first got into this business, I was fearing that I was going to do ‘the books’. He did ‘the books’ every night and he’d be there ’til midnight every night, processing invoices” Scott remembers. “With Xero, I’m able to process those on the fly, as they come in… Xero enables me to jump in, get it sorted and move on to something else.”

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