Gain Control Of Your Construction Business Cashflow

Are you feeling stressed about the direction of your business? Wondering if you will ever be able to relieve the pressure of the cashflow squeeze? Wishing you knew what you should do next? You’re not alone. Small business owners across Australia (and the world) are plagued with these questions each day. That’s where Linc Accountants can help. Our friendly team will help you get back in the driver’s seat with confidence.

Cashflow (or lack thereof) is the number one reason businesses fail. Cash is the lifeblood of a business, so it’s absolutely critical to manage it properly. But without a financial advisor on their side, many entrepreneurs end up stuck without money at the end of the month. At Linc Accountants, we free our clients from that stress. We work closely with you to implement smart cashflow strategies, including regular budgeting and reports, so we can give you the breathing space to grow. We won’t just prepare budgets and leave you to it though – we are here to help. Our team will make sure you understand what’s projected to come into the business, and when money will flow out as well, so you’re well prepared at all times. Contact us to have a no-obligation chat about your cashflow.

Management and Financial Reporting for Tradesmen and Builders

So you’re running your business and making some money…but what’s really going on beneath the surface? How confident are you that you are steering your business to success? Our team at Linc Accountants specialise in giving our clients confidence. First, we’ll analyse the numbers and then we’ll prepare management and financial reports that show you what’s really going on. We’ll then sit down with you regularly to explain our findings in plain-and-simple English. No more boring accountants that use confusing, complicated accounting jargon! Are you ready to see the Linc Accountants’ difference?

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