Operating a successful business of any size is a never-ending job, from people management to quality control. Running a small business or operating as sole traders can be particularly stressful, with more obligation and pressure to keep everything moving smoothly.

Many small businesses fail in the first two years due to poor financial administration, making it clear adding tax accountancy and compliance to an already heavy workload is unfeasible.

Working with a tax accountant in Perth who specialises in the construction and trade sectors can make a world of difference, giving you expert advice and the space to make informed, objective decisions – read on to learn more.

What are the benefits of engaging with proficient Perth accountants?

Finding a knowledgeable Perth accountant who can oversee all aspects of your finances, from payroll to tax compliance, can have a significant impact on your restaurant’s growth. Tax experts at Linc Accountants work closely with each SMSF, construction, and trade sector clients to boost returns and maximise profits through legitimate strategies.

Maximise tax deductions

Small business tax accountants specialise in reducing tax liabilities by utilising multiple avenues of tax deductions. Experts in this field know opportunities must be followed year round in the way a busy sole trader cannot, especially when returns are filed at the last minute during a busy tax season.

Minimise chances of an audit

There are many reasons for the tax department to instigate an audit, from incorrect tax reports to overly charitable donations. No one wants the stress of an audit, so allowing professional Perth accountants to minimise the chances of an audit by multiple means is a worthwhile investment.

As well as filing error-free tax returns, and preventing any unwarranted signs of tax evasion, a streamlined accounting process is created through Xero’s online platform, ensuring accuracy and transparency are a consistent focus.

Peace of mind, and increased productivity

The core value of hiring experienced tax accountants in Perth is not just the financial benefits of maximising deductions, but the security and peace of mind they bring. Knowing you’ve avoided the stress of incorrect tax filings, plus having your accounts streamlined in Xero, allows you to focus on maximising other key business operations.

Clear, accurate decision making

Having a knowledgeable Perth accountant who specialises in small businesses and sole traders means you have someone on hand to offer vital financial advice. Help with budgets and key approximations enables you to make clear, informed decisions.

Assured tax compliance

Possibly the biggest benefit of a tax accountant is guaranteeing tax compliance. A busy and distracted business owner has the potential to miss essential tax deadlines or payment, putting the company at risk of penalties and worse. Working with experts in avoiding legal consequences by precise tax compliance is immeasurable.

Personalised solutions from Linc Accountants in Perth

Linc Accountants Perth are a boutique firm specialising in small to medium sized businesses in the SMSF, construction, and trade sectors. Operating as experienced Perth accountants for over 20 years has provided the means to offer customised tax law knowledge and expertise with all areas of accounting, from tax compliance to payroll.

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